As a member of the worldwide manufactures, RFC CARBON knows that taking the responsibility to protect our global resources is as important as quality, which is our mission couldn’t be escaped. 

We positively do our part to save the world’s environment. Step into RFC CARBON you could see it almost seems like a private garden other than a carbon factory. 

At RFC, trees and flowers are happily and quietly staying together with the carbon and graphite electrode !

At RFC, you could see people and nature living harmoniously !

At RFC, you could see our clients doubtfully coming first time, and don’tfully want to be the first time !

Environment protection system

There are mainly 4 parts of our environment protection system:

  1. Carbon dust recycling system for reusing and air cleaning
  2. Sewage disposal system for water cleaning
  3. Air pollution treatment system
  4. Factory greening system

Quality Control

Quality is the soul and life to us, we have been deeply awarded no quality no future. At RFC CARBON, each procedure of producing RP electrode, HP electrode and UHP graphite electrode is extremely and strictly controlled, before the raw material comes into factory to the warehousing of acceptable finished products.


Each procedure in RFC CARBON has a responsible person to promise the quality of the product.



We have a responsible person for every procedure of producing graphite electrode, so as to promise the quality reach our inner standard.

To know more about RFC CARBON welcome contact us or come to our factory, you are welcome any time!